Freshman to Graduating Seniors


Trainings and Responsibilities

April 5th 5-8pm Visit the PDX Art Museum

Interns will meet at Village Baptist Church (330 SW Murray Blvd Beaverton, OR 97005) and carpool to the PDX Art Museum to watch two short films about Labor Standards. For more info see the here: https://portlandartmuseum.org/exhibitions/rodrigo-valenzuela/

Interns will attend regular bi-monthly Theo Core team meetings Saturday mornings from 9-11am. Dates TBA

Interns will participate as students in Theophilus: The Weekend, June 22-25th at Multnomah University, and will have some extra leadership responsibilities.

The expected time commitment is about 7-10 hours per month.

Areas of Concentration

  • Arts & Creative Response
  • Media & Videography
  • Games & Emcee
  • Social Media & Marketing
  • Justice & Service
  • Business & Administrative Duties


Portland, OR


April 5th-June 25th


The Theo Intern program was born out of two felt needs in the community. One, we believe God is raising up a generation of world changers and we believe it is our duty to teach, disciple, and equip them for effective ministry. Simply getting a degree is no longer a guarantee a job of in today’s economy. We want to equip students with the necessary ministry experience, support, knowledge, and networking opportunities to thrive as leaders. Two, the Theophilus conference could not happen without the investment and commitment of a Godly community of leaders. There are 400,000 youth in the portland metro area. We want them all to experience the kingdom of God and will need the help of high schoolers, today, to do it.

Goals of the Program

  1. Students would grow in their understanding of God and Kingdom Justice
  2. Students would develop their leadership skills
  3. Students would broaden their reading in the areas of social justice areas
  4. Students would successfully put together a project for one area of improvement in their given concentration, pitch it, and pull it off.
  5. Students would develop professional relationships with other young leader in their communities
  6. Students would develop in areas of professionalism and personal responsibility
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If you have any questions about Theophilus 2018, we’d love to talk to you.
Please email us at questions@theophilus.info